Academic Service

I enjoy reviewing papers regularly and I am happy to accept invitations to PC and Journals for reviewing papers in the area of Software Engineering, including but not limited to: Software Maintenance and Evolution, Software Product Lines, Model-Driven Engineering, Static Analysis, Mining Software Repositories, Code Cloning, Performance Prediction of Configurable Systems. I also review papers considering an industrial context, thus I focus less on novelty and more on applicability in real-world systems and different scenarios.
Organization Committee
OSS Sustainability Forum 2023 (Organization Chair), MODELS 2018 (Web Chair), SCAM 2018 (Publicity Co-Chair), VaCoS2017 (General Organizer), FOSD 2016 (Local Organizer), ECMFA 2016 (Web Chair)
Program Committee
FSE 2023 (Industry Track), ASE 2023 (Research Track), FSE 2022 (Industry Track), FSE 2022 (Demonstrations Track), ICSME 2022 (Research Track), ASE 2022 (Research Track), FSE 2021 (Artifact Evaluation Track), ICSME 2021 (Research Track), FSE 2021 (Industry Track), ASE 2021 (Research Track), SPLC 2021 (Artifact Evaluation Track), VariVolution 2020 (Workshop), FSE 2020 (Tool Demos Track), ICSME 2020 (Research Track), ICSME 2020 (Industry Track), SPLC 2020 (Research Track), SPLC 2020 (Demonstrations and Tools Track), SPLC 2019 (Demonstrations and Tools Track), VariVolution 2019 (Workshop), FOSD 2018 (Workshop), SPLC 2018 (Data, Demonstrations, and Tools Track), SPLC 2017 (Data, Demonstrations, and Tools Track), SPLC 2016 (Demonstrations and Tools Track)