Academic Service

I enjoy reviewing papers regularly and I am happy to accept invitations to PC and Journals for reviewing papers in the area of Software Engineering, including but not limited to: Software Maintenance and Evolution, Software Product Lines, Model-Driven Engineering, Static Analysis, Mining Software Repositories, Code Cloning, Performance Prediction of Configurable Systems. I also review papers considering an industrial context, thus I focus less on novelty and more on applicability in real-world systems and different scenarios.
Organizing Committee
MODELS 2018 (Web Chair), SCAM 2018 (Publicity Co-Chair), VaCoS2017, FOSD Meeting 2016, ECMFA 2016 (Web Chair)
Program Committee
ICSME 2020 (Research Track), ICSME 2020 (Industry Track), SPLC 2020 (Research Track), SPLC 2020 (Tool/Demonstrations Track), SPLC 2019 (Tool/Demonstrations Track), FOSD 2018, SPLC 2018 (Data, Tools & Demonstrations Track), SPLC 2017 (Data, Tools & Demonstrations Track), SPLC 2016 (Tools/Demonstrations)