26 March 2020
SPLC 2020 will revisit and extend the deadlines at a later date. If you are planning your workshop proposal, a research or industry paper submission, or other way of contributions for SPLC 2020, please, keep working. Stay safe and healthy!
24 February 2020
Looking forward to reviewing tool demos submissions for FSE 2020.
20 January 2020
Very honored to be invited for the ICSME 2020 PC for both the Research and Industry Track. Looking forward to reviewing great papers, and please consider submitting a paper to the ICSME 2020 conference.
10 January 2020
I am looking forward to reviewing papers for SPLC 2020 Research Track and Tools and Demos Track. If you have been working with software product lines, please consider to submit a paper to the conference.
27 May 2019
I am traveling to my first ICSE conference in beautiful Canada. I am looking forward to talk about variant integration with intentions. Come see our work Friday, May 31st 2019 at 11:00 in Van-Horne.
24 May 2019
We got accepted a very interesting paper on Principles of Feature Modeling at the FSE 2019 conference. Congratulations to my co-authors!
5-10 May 2019
Happy to have attended the Dagstuhl seminar 19191 on Integrating Variants and Versions. This is some work I started together with Felix Schwägerl in 2017 and I am happy that we managed to organize a Dagstuhl seminar on this.
16 March 2019
Happy and thankful to have received the 2018 SoSyM Best Reviewer Award (top 1% of SoSyM Reviewers for 2018).
12-15 March 2019
Attended the Feature Oriented Software Development Meeting in beautiful Weimar. It was great to meet old friends and get to know the next generation of FOSDers, and I thank the organizers for inviting me.
12 December 2018
During holidays we received the great news that our paper on integrating cloned variants got accepted at ICSE 2019. Preprint coming soon!
November 2018
Happy and thankful to the SPLC organizers for the invitation on the Demonstrations and Tools Track Program Committee. Looking forward to reviewing great papers.
3 January 2018
Our journal paper on variability bugs in highly configurable systems was accepted to be published in TOSEM.
8 November 2017
Honored to be the Publicity Chair for SCAM 2018 together with Paige Rodeghero.
November 2017
I successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis at IT University of Copenhagen.
14 September 2017
Today I made the first commit for the MODELS2018 conference's website. Looking forward to being the Web Chair!
August 2017
Happy to attend the ICSME conference for the third time in a row. This time, it is held in Shanghai and I am looking forward to it.
July 2017
I am glad to annouce that I will be moving to ABB Corporate Research Center in Switzerland to work as a Scientist in the Automation Department. I am soon to hand in my Ph.d Thesis for examination.
16 June 2016
I am happy to learn that we got two papers accepted in the same week: 1) Concepts, Operations, and Feasibility of a Projection-Based Variation Control System got accepted at ICSME2016, and 2) A Technology-Neutral Role-Based Collaboration Model for Software Ecosystems got accepted at ISoLA 2016.
02 March 2016 wrote an article about my EliteForsk grant Computerworld Article (in Danish).
25 February 2016
I am honored and grateful to have received an award (EliteForsk Rejsestipendium, 200.000 kr) for my research from the Danish Ministry of Education and Science. More information here
18 December 2015
I wrote a blog post for IEEE Software blog about our work on the Marlin project. Thanks to Sarah Nadi for the blog post opportunity. Blog post